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Built In Excel Document Properties

Built In Excel Document Properties

Excel VBA code shows how to access a number of properties of the active workbook such as Author, Last Save Time and so on.

Sub WorkBookProperties()
'' First we will set a standard With block up as we have a number of properties'' values to read and display in the debug / immediate window
With ActiveWorkbook

    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Application Name")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Author")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Category")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Comments")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Company")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Creation Date")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Format")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Hyperlink Base")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Keywords")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Author")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Last Save Time")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Manager")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Revision Number")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Security")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Subject")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Template")
    Debug.Print .BuiltinDocumentProperties("Title")

End With

End Sub

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